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Bad Credit Loans in Calgary

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Bad Credit Loans in Calgary

With a credit score of less than 600, you might have had a hard time getting credit in Calgary, Alberta. The truth is, many residents of Calgary are in debt, and this has affected their credit significantly. You are not alone, searching for the best lender to approve your application for bad credit loans in Calgary.

Banks and other prime lenders are reluctant to offer loans with bad credit in Calgary. The only way you will get bad credit personal loans in Calgary from a bank is if you have collateral or you present a co-signer. Even then, some banks will still not approve your loan application. When a bank does not offer bad credit loan approval, consider credit unions, and secured savings loans. However, these two might offer unsecured personal loans with bad credit in Calgary at a very high-interest rate.

An online loan is your best bet when you need fast approval for bad credit loans in Calgary, Alberta. Most online lenders in the Canadian city of Calgary have lenient approval criteria where you only need proof of residency and proof of income. This article is a guide on how to get your bad credit personal loans on Calgary approved.

Bad Credit Loans in Calgary: What is Bad Credit?

You are considered to have bad credit in the Canadian province of Alberta if your credit score falls below 600. Credit scores range from between 300 and 900 in Calgary and all of Canada – with 900 being an excellent score. Most major lenders consider bad credit to start at 600 going downwards, while others will still consider your loan application with a credit score of at least 550. The problem with banks approving your loan application with a less than great credit score is that they will charge high-interest rates.

Many factors contribute to a less-than-perfect credit score, including:

  • Taking multiple loans at once
  • Failure to meet the terms of your loans
  • Filing for bankruptcy, consumer proposal, debt settlement program, or debt consolidation program

To avoid damaging your credit, apply for loan products you can afford. Even with bad credit, you can still get financing in Alberta’s largest city, Calgary.

How to Get Loans with Bad Credit in Calgary

When you need loans with bad credit in Calgary, you can either send your application to prime or subprime lenders. Banks and credit unions are considered prime lenders, and their application criteria lock out people with bad credit. To get a loan with these prime lenders when you have bad credit, you will need:

  • Collateral – Here, you can get bad credit car loans in Calgary, Alberta, or home equity loans.
  • Co-signer – This is a person whose credit is excellent – the so-signer will be forced to pay your loan if you default.
  • Proof of reliable income
  • Proof of Residency

Unlike subprime lenders, banks will always check your credit score before approving your loan application. If you cannot get approval for bad credit loans in Calgary from banks, consider borrowing funds from online lenders. The correct lender online will offer you a loan at decent interest rates. Some lenders will not check your credit score – these will provide you with payday loans with no credit check in Calgary.

With a subprime lender, the eligibility criterion requires two things:

  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residency

Some online lenders will check your credit score and then disregard it, and some will not check your credit score at all.

Types of Bad Credit Loans in Calgary

Bad Credit Personal Loans in Calgary

Are you in need of personal loans with bad credit in Calgary? These loans, such as payday loans, are ideal when you need a small loan amount to take you through to the next payday. Lenders online will approve these loans within a few minutes. The amount of credit you loan a lender approves will depend on:

  • Your income
  • Your debt-to-income ratio

With a decent income, you get a higher loan. These loans are secured, such as bad credit auto loans in Calgary, or unsecured. You will make payments for these loans in monthly installments for a few months.

Bad Credit Car Loans in Calgary, Alberta

If you have a car and you are willing to place it as collateral, you will get approval for bad credit auto loans in Calgary. These loans are offered by banks, credit unions, some online lenders and car dealers. In most cases, car dealers will have the best loan options. The amount of loan you are eligible for is dependent on the market value of your car. If you default on bad credit auto loans in Calgary, the lender will seize your car.

Unsecured Personal Loans for Bad Credit in Calgary

Without collateral, it is challenging to get approval for bad credit loans in Calgary, Alberta. However, some lenders are willing to offer guaranteed payday loans in Canada – these same lenders will approve your personal loan application with no collateral. Most of these lenders are based online, and they online need proof of income and proof of Calgary residency. The amount of loan you are eligible for will depend on your income and your debt-to-income ratio. A lender will calculate the APR for the loan, and you will pay in monthly installments.

While you may not get approval for these types of loans from a bank, the same online lenders willing to offer payday loans with no bank statement in Canada are the same willing to offer unsecured personal loans for bad credit in Calgary.

Bad Credit Payday Loans Calgary

In Alberta, you are eligible for up to $1,500 payday loans. Almost every resident of Calgary with an income is eligible for payday loans. You can get payday loans on disability income or payday loans with no credit check in Canada from online payday lenders. The advantage of bad credit payday loans in Calgary is that you get fast approval with a lenient eligibility criterion. However, these loans charge very high-interest rates – $15 for every $100 borrowed.

When applying for payday loans, whether you are in the Calgary police service or any other job, you need to choose the correct lender to avoid losing your hard-earned cash to predatory lenders. Unlike other personal loans, bad credit payday loans, Calgary are repaid within a month.


Alberta still stands as the Canadian province with the highest consumer debt levels – a factor that is affecting Calgary’s economy. The province has hundreds of online lenders and multiple banks. As a borrower, you need to take your time and pick a licensed online lender. Avoid unlicensed online lenders as they may not follow set lending regulations in Alberta. There is a lot to enjoy in Calgary from Fish Creek Provincial Park, Fort Calgary, Elbow River, Albert Park, and the Calgary Stampede, among others. However, to enjoy all these, including Alberta’s first oil boom, you need to manage your debt levels. Most loan amounts above will help you build your credit if you make payments on time.

Most Beautiful Sights in Calgary

  1. Bar-U Ranch National Historic Site
  2. The Canadian Rockies Hot Springs
  3. Frank Slide Interpretive Centre
  4. Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site
  5. Aspen Crossing
  6. Calgary Iconic Tower
  7. Banff National Park

Map of Calgary

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a loan with bad credit in Calgary?

To get bad credit loans in Calgary from banks, you need either collateral or co-signer (or both) besides proof of reliable income. Online lenders only require proof of income and proof of residency.

How to get a business loan in Calgary with bad credit?

With bad credit, lenders will need to see your business books to assess cash flow and determine the loan amount you qualify for. You will get great rates with online lenders.

How to get a car loan in Calgary with bad credit?

To get a car loan, you need to present your car as collateral to a car dealer, bank, or online lender. They will estimate the value of the vehicle and decide the loan amount you are eligible for.

What are the average interest rates for car loans with bad credit in Calgary?

Interest rates for car loans range from as low as 10 percent to as high as 25 percent, depending on your credit score and your debt-to-income ratio.

How to refinance an auto loan with bad credit in Calgary?

Auto refinances loans are offered by auto loan lenders online and car dealers. You will only need to present your car to the lender for re-valuing, after which you are offered a second loan against the value of your vehicle.

How to get a home loan with bad credit in Calgary?

The lender will estimate your home’s value and then offer you bad credit loans in Calgary, Alberta, against the value of your home. Banks and credit unions offer these home equity loans.

Where can I get a cash loan with bad credit in Calgary?

When you need a fast cash loan in Calgary, Alberta, consider online lenders – especially those offering payday loans.

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