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Car Loans in Canada

Whether you are looking to purchase a new car or needing to pay for some unexpected car repairs, getting a car loan in Canada is simpler with Loans Geeks.  We will match you with top rated car loan lenders in Canada who can meet your financing needs, thanks to our streamline online application process that will not take you more than several minutes to fill.

As a car is a necessity for vast majority of Canadians, we at Loans Geeks have partnered with a rich network of reputable loan lenders from all regions and provinces to make it possible for you to secure exactly the car loan that you want.
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Find the best loan for you,
in just a few minutes
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Check Your Rate

The whole process is very simple. After you devote several minutes to fill in a car loans application form, you will be matched against the selection of up to five top-rated car loan lenders in Canada that best correspond to your entries. When you opt for one loan lender, your loan application will be submitted to them, usually taking from a few hours to 1 business day to get an approval.

  • Usually, you need to have a current job for at least 3 months before applying to make approximately $1500 per month, or to provide a proof of government assistance
  • You need to have a valid driving license
  • You need to have a valid bank account from which the lender will be able to collect payment every month.
  • A down-payment is almost never required, although it may help to get the loan approved in some cases.

You will be notified via email when your application has been dealt with. If the application has been approved, depending on the loan lender in Canada, you might receive a phone call from the agent assigned to you.

Yes, absolutely. As a self-employed individual you can take advantage of Loans Geeks service and get matched with best rated loan providers in Canada.

Yes, recent immigrants can apply for car loans in Canada as well. In addition, you may even receive loan offers at very competitive rates.

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