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Credit Counselling in Canada

Credit Counselling can help you get back on track if you are going through a struggle to pay off your bills. At Loans Geeks we can connect you to top-rated credit counselling services in Canada that can either help you make a long-term plan how to get out of debt and permanently stay out of it, as well as the tools that you need to pay it off. Loans Geeks has partnered with experienced finance professionals, who will evaluate your current financial situation and help you restore your financial stability.

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Credit Counseling services will not loan you money, but will offer you a debt repayment program if you have troubles to meet your monthly obligations and if you require assistance to make ends meet.  They will also get in touch with your creditors and will propose a new paying schedule that will be easier for you to handle. Through debt repayment program you will have an opportunity to get out of debt, while still having a reasonable budget to count on.

If you use Loans Geeks to get matched with a credit counseling agency, you can rest assured that we are connecting you with reputable credit consultants who will help you prepare your budget, give you advice how to better manage with your funds and even provide additional resources and workshops for you. When you setup an initial meeting, it will last for an hour at least and will be followed by additional sessions, if needed. The credit counseling service will go through your financial situation in detail and tailor a suitable plan accordingly.

All services provided by Credit Counseling providers are either no-cost or low cost. If there are any additional fees involved, they will be fully revealed to you before you receive the service.

It is best that you apply by using Loans Geeks. We will match you with the most fitting and reputable Credit Counseling service providers in Canada. You will get to choose from up to five of the top rated options available.

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