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Debt Consolidation in Mississauga

As consumer debt levels rise everywhere in Canada, borrowers are looking for the safest debt relief option. When your debts turn unmanageable, you can file a consumer proposal with an insolvency trustee, file for bankruptcy, join a debt management program or consider debt consolidation in Mississauga, Ontario. Of all these debt relief options, debt consolidation loans in Mississauga are the safest – you get to build your credit history with every payment you make on time.
There are two main advantages of debt consolidation in Mississauga, Ontario – your monthly payments are reduced, and so is the interest rate, and your credit history remains intact. This guide takes you through everything you need to know to consolidate your debts in Mississauga safely.

Debt Consolidation in Mississauga: Signs You Need It

If you have more than two debts that need payment every month, you are already struggling with debt. Whether they are payday loans, low-interest personal loans, or credit cards, you need to consolidate them. Even when you can comfortably make payments every month without struggle, consolidating the debts will reduce the interest rate you pay, allowing you to pay the debts fast.
Some signs that you need to consolidate your debts include:

  • Creditors or collection agencies are threatening to sue you or seize your property
  • You are behind paying your bills, or you pay most of your bills using credit cards
  • You just lost an income source
  • You have urgent bills, such as hospital bills or school fees, that are taking away a large part of your monthly income
  • The loans are stressing you
  • You need to take advantage of credit card promotional offers

Types of Debt Consolidation in Mississauga, Ontario

The debt consolidation option gives you a chance to take back control of your income. There are two primary debt consolidation approaches in the Canadian province of Ontario – debt consolidation loans in Mississauga and debt consolidation program.

Debt Consolidation Program

If you decide to enroll in a debt consolidation program – and there are many of these in the greater Toronto area – you work with a professional, such as a mortgage broker or debt relief expert, who represents you against your creditors. The professional will negotiate the terms of consolidation and the interest rate on your behalf. While this will get you out of financial trouble, it will show on your credit report for a few years.

Debt Consolidation Loans in Mississauga

Debt consolidation in Mississauga, Ontario, through a loan gives you a chance to manage your debt again. Here, you take a loan equivalent to the total debt you owe creditors and pay off all your debts. You will then be left with one loan, which you pay monthly. The interest rate on your loans will reduce, and so will the monthly payments. The loan might come in the form of:

  • Secured loans such as car loans where you present collateral to get bank loan approval.
  • In the form of a second mortgage based on the value of your home, also called a home equity loan
  • Personal loans based on your creditworthiness
  • Balance transfer credit cards

Whichever loan option you choose, ensure you get the lowest cost debt consolidation option. Debt consolidation loans are ideal for small loans such as payday loans with no credit check, small unsecured personal loans, and to make credit payments.

Trust Loans Geeks for Finding Debt Consolidation Loans in Mississauga

When your debts become unmanageable, you need a reputable lender in this suburb of Toronto, Mississauga, who will give you the best deal. There are hundreds of lenders in the shores of Lake Ontario and other areas of Mississauga and picking the right might take time. However, if you use Loans Geeks, you can choose the right lender for debt consolidation in Mississauga, Ontario. On Loans Geeks, only licensed and reputable lenders are licensed. Again lenders are compared based on their rates, customer support, and reputation. You can also see other loan options such as guaranteed payday loans in Canada and payday loans on disability income.


Wherever you are in Mississauga, whether in the waiting bay of Toronto Pearson International Airport or having a good time at home, it is easy to get debt consolidation loans. However, like when you are applying for payday loans with no bank statement, you need to be careful not to fall for predatory lenders. For starters, ensure that all lenders are licensed and reputable before applying for debt consolidation. Ensure that you get low interest rates for the consolidated debt.

5 Activities to Try After Getting Debt Consolidation in Mississauga

  1. Visit any of the 5 Major Theatres for entertainment events
  2. Experience nature at Garden Parks and Trails in Mississauga
  3. Explore Museums and Galleries in Mississauga
  4. Visit Niagara Falls and Niagara Wine Region and Toronto
  5. Attend an event or festival

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does debt consolidation in Mississauga work?

You can consolidate debts either through debt consolidation loans in Mississauga or through a debt consolidation program. In the former, you take a loan that pays all your outstanding debts. In the latter, a professional negotiates with your creditors to have your debts consolidated and interest rate reduced.

What is a debt consolidation loan in Mississauga?

This is a loan that pays off all your outstanding debts. You then make monthly payments for this loan until it is fully paid.

How does debt consolidation in Mississauga affect my credit?

With each monthly payment made on time, you build your credit history. However, if you consolidate your debts through a debt consolidation program, it will show on your credit report for a few years.

How do I apply for debt consolidation in Mississauga?

Different lenders have different requirements. For a bank loan, you might need a co-signer or collateral, an excellent credit history, and a reliable source of income. Other lenders might consider your creditworthiness and income without collateral or co-signer.

How do I get a debt consolidation loan without collateral in Mississauga?

Look for a lender who will consolidate your loans with no collateral. Again, some lenders will offer a loan if you have a co-signer in place of collateral.

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