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Interest Rate Lenders Terms Prepayment options Monthly payment
Lump Sum Regular
2.69% Lender 1 5-year fixed 20% 20% $1,599 Check Your Rate
3.04% Lender 2 3-year fixed 20% 20% $1,661 Check Your Rate
2.30% Lender 3 5-year fixed 20% 20% $1,531 Check Your Rate
2.95% Lender 4 3-year fixed 15% 15% $1,645 Check Your Rate
3.49% Lender 5 10-year fixed 10% 10% $1,743 Check Your Rate
Interest Rate 2.69%
Lenders Lender 1
Terms 5-year fixed
Prepayment options (Lump Sum) 20%
Prepayment options (Regular) 20%
Monthly payment $1,599
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Interest Rate 3.04%
Lenders Lender 2
Terms 3-year fixed
Prepayment options (Lump Sum) 20%
Prepayment options (Regular) 20%
Monthly payment $1,661
View more
Interest Rate 2.30%
Lenders Lender 3
Terms 5-year fixed
Prepayment options (Lump Sum) 20%
Prepayment options (Regular) 20%
Monthly payment $1,531
View more
Interest Rate 2.95%
Lenders Lender 4
Terms 3-year fixed
Prepayment options (Lump Sum) 15%
Prepayment options (Regular) 15%
Monthly payment $1,645
View more
Interest Rate 3.49%
Lenders Lender 5
Terms 10-year fixed
Prepayment options (Lump Sum) 10%
Prepayment options (Regular) 10%
Monthly payment $1,743
View more
The information in the table above is just a factious representation of the choices you may have available once you fill out the form a the top on the page. The actual rates may differ. The Monthly Payments represented above are calculated assuming a property value of $400,000 and a downpayment of 15%.
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Mortgage Brokers in Calgary

Best Mortgage Interest Rates in Calgary

Have you been looking for a way to simplify the entire process of finding the best mortgage rates across all of Calgary? A lot of time and energy can go into the process, but with the right knowledge, it’s easy. Loans Geeks’ mission is to simplify the entire process, giving borrowers everywhere access to all of Calgary’s best and most reputable mortgage brokers in one spot. Here at Loans Geeks, there are teams of researchers that do the work for you; conducting research, comparing results, and negotiating deals. They do everything it takes to find the top mortgage brokers they can find in Calgary, with the lowest mortgage interest rates in your location so that you the borrower can reap the benefits. Loans Geeks is essentially a one stop shop to all of the lowest mortgage rates in Calgary, saving you money and time.

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Mortgage Calculator for Calgary

When borrowing large sums of money, in this case getting a mortgage, it is important to budget your expenses and develop a plan or strategy with regards to how you will pay this mortgage off. Even with the cheapest mortgage rates found in Calgary, a borrower should plan exactly how much it is you’d like to borrow, the timeline for which you intend to pay the mortgage off, and the interest rates that apply. With this knowledge you can calculate the exact monthly payments of your loan/mortgage and see how many of these dollars are calculated interest, and it’s easier than you think!

If you’re reading this now, you have access to the internet and therefore you can take advantage of this tool commonly referred to as a mortgage calculator. The mortgage calculator allows users to enter the aforementioned details such as total sum borrowed and interest rate and it computes a total amount in dollars, showing how much you as a borrower should be paying each month. While you can add essentially anything to your mortgage, if you have the extra room for it, it would be wise to calculate your expenses beforehand and use the mortgage calculator to grasp a better understanding of the effects. While mortgages are generally the cheapest form of debt, it is important to remember that this debt is only being postponed and that even the best mortgage rates in Calgary will increase the length of which you’ll be making payments. As well, the amortization of your mortgage will also increase exponentially as the length of said mortgage continues. With this said, it is extremely important to budget your expenses, and mortgage calculators are there to help.

Mortgage Brokers in Calgary vs. The Banks

As a borrower, you have a few options when looking for a loan. What most people wonder when first given these options is which one they should choose. Should you go to the bank or one of Calgary’s mortgage brokers to find the right mortgage rate for you? Well, there are pros and cons to each, but generally speaking it is best to use a mortgage broker if you are looking for the lowest mortgage rates in Calgary. The reason for this being is that a mortgage broker will negotiate for the lowest rates amongst a variety of lenders in an attempt to get you the best terms and lowest rates. One of the best parts of this is that mortgage brokers will offer you these services for free. If you are looking for lower interest rates because of low household income or bad credit, then the banks of Calgary, or other locations, may not always approve a mortgage for you. This is to help manage risk on their end. In cases such as these, mortgage brokers are extremely helpful as they will help those despite their less-than-perfect finance situation. If you struggle with low house-hold income or blemishes on your line of credit, there is a mortgage broker in Calgary that will not only work to help you, but will still attempt to negotiate the best mortgage rates across Calgary for you. With this said, they still earn commission from the lending institution so if possible, it is wise to do some research on your own to ensure you are receiving the best possible financing for you.

Banks are a still viable option for your mortgage needs. Many first home buyers don’t trust mortgage brokers and having already developed a relationship with their bank, they would prefer to apply for a mortgage with said bank. Again, the bank may not always agree to finance your decisions should you have financial issues, past or present, but this may also indicate that one is not financially ready for a commitment of this stature. Keep in mind that mortgage rates offered by the banks of Calgary may not be as low as from a broker, as they do not search for the lowest rates, they simply lend at the risk of their clients.

All in all mortgage brokers are in most circumstances beneficial when looking for the lowest local mortgage rates in Calgary, something that should be considered when searching for financing.

Private Mortgage Lender in Calgary

We’ve established that as a borrower you can apply for mortgages through the banks, or a mortgage broker that will find the lender for you. However, what can you do if neither the banks, nor mortgage brokers offer their services to you? There are private mortgage lenders all across Calgary that offer short-term loans to those that aren’t applicable through the more conventional methods, banks and mortgage brokers, for whatever reason that may be.

Private mortgage lenders are high risk mortgage lenders, some of which are located in Calgary, and are sought out for numerous reasons, and is typically used as a last resort. One reason being that the borrower is in need of financing as soon as possible, and doesn’t have time to go through the longer application process that banks or even brokers require. Second, the borrower may have a credit history so bad that no lender is willing to finance them, and lastly, the property to be purchased is one that is deemed harder to sell, such as a log cabin in a very rural area.

You may be asking, what exactly are private mortgages? A private mortgage is a short-term, interest only loan, and will have some of the highest mortgage interest rates in Calgary. These loans require no down payment, but rather interest payments each month. The reason for this being that these mortgage lenders understand that you, the borrower, are in a situation, most likely related to bad credit history, that omits you from any other form of financing. As such, they charge higher rates and will only last 1-3 years as a general rule of thumb.

Fixed Vs. Variable Mortgage Interest Rates in Calgary

When applying for mortgages in Calgary, there are two different types of mortgage rates to consider and compare. The first of these two is a fixed rate mortgage. The fixed rate is and has been the more popular of the two, but not because it acts as a cheaper alternative to a variable rate mortgage. Fixed rates are more popular due to the fact that they provide a sense of regularity and stability. Borrowers set a duration for the mortgage term and the interest rate and payments are fixed. This makes it much easier to budget your expenses and offers that protection against any uncertainty.

Variable rates are less popular, but historical trends prove that variable rate mortgages are in fact less expensive over time. As opposed to the fixed rate mortgage, variable rates fluctuate according to the market interest rate, also known as the prime rate, and as such are less stable. This financial uncertainty is what deters many people from selecting even the best variable mortgage rates in Calgary, despite its proven history.

When deciding which mortgage rate to select it is important to determine whether or not the prime/market interest rate is expected to fall or not. If the interest rate is low, it may be smart to select a fixed mortgage rate. In this situation your interest rate would be low and void of an increase that could cause a financial liability. If the prime rate is expected to decrease in the coming years, a variable rate should be considered. The decrease in the prime rate would decrease your interest rates and save you money.

Red: Variable Rate mortgage                         Blue: Fixed Rate mortgage

Historical Calgary Prime Rates

A prime rate is essentially the interest rate that commercial banks and other financial institutions use to set interest rates for variable loans, such as the variable rate mortgages, and lines of credit. The current prime and mortgage rate in Calgary is based on how much it costs financial institutions to borrow money, fluctuating as a result of changes in the economy. The current prime rate in Canada is 3.45% after increasing in recent years. While the prime rate has continued to increase since 2015, it is still relatively low when we look at the history of Canada’s prime rate. It is important to analyze historical trends such as these to help your search for the best mortgage rates in Calgary, especially if you are looking for the best variable mortgage rate.


Calgary’s Mortgage Rates Forecast

Due to the inflation Canada is experiencing, one can only forecast average mortgage rates in Calgary to follow suit with the prime rate and continue to increase. Canada’s inflation coupled with Calgary’s strong activity will most likely lead to an increase in mortgage rates. The increase in demand over recent years and lower levels of supply in the market will attribute to this increase in mortgage rates in Calgary.

In addition to this, The Bank of Canada government is suggesting we expect an increase of 0.25% in even the best mortgage rates over the coming months. The sharp increase in minimum wage is no help and interest rates are expected to increase into 2019.

Whether you use this information to apply for a fixed rate or variable rate is up to you. An increase in the near future does not necessarily mean that variable rates are out of the question. Rates are not expected to increase forever, there will be a point in which they decrease again and history shows that in time, more often than not, they will outperform even the best 5 year fixed rate mortgages. Remember to consider the prepayment penalties on fixed mortgages and examine all the costs associated.

Calgary’s Housing Market

The Calgary’s housing market has struggled over recent years despite the growth seen in some of Canada’s larger cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. With this said, the new federal mortgage rules should spark a 3%-5% decrease in Calgary condo prices. This decrease in price coupled with the fact that a large fraction of new condos in Calgary remaining unsold means that 2018 may be the year to buy. While oil prices are always volatile, the global economic growth has been positive and steady and as such the price of oil should follow suit. As such the economy in Calgary should continue to improve, so the longer you wait the more you might pay. If you can afford the mortgage and the higher taxes in Calgary, now would be a good time to start looking.

While these are expert speculations, it is wise to consult with a mortgage broker to discuss your options. The sooner you consult with a mortgage broker the better.




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There are many lucrative mortgages offers in the Calgary market for first time home buyers. When you apply for a mortgage loan through Loans Geeks, we will match you with some of the best mortgage offers available for your particular situation.

If you apply for a mortgage loan in Calgary via Loans Geeks, typically it will take 2-3 business days to get the reply about the status of your application, although this time might slightly vary from one mortgage loan lender to another.

Some mortgages in Calgary are ported, and the remaining term can be taken to the new property. But, you will be required to get your credit score, and affordability rechecked in case the new house is worth significantly more or less than the one you currently have a mortgage for.

Most mortgage lenders in Calgary allow their borrowers to pay anywhere from 10% to 20% of the original principal amount in each calendar year without inviting penalty. Since different lenders have different ways of implementing the prepayment terms, it is best to read the fine prints even before you secure the mortgage.

If you have poor credit history, it might be difficult to get mortgage application approval. However, as Loans Geeks partners with hundreds of different financial institutions, submit an application and we will try to match you with a loan provider willing to give you a mortgage loan. Still, bear in mind that the terms and interest rates of the offered mortgage loan will depend on your credit score.

A Non-Resident in Canada can get a mortgage and is qualified for the maximum loan to value ratio which is about 65-75%. You will need to provide a few extra documents such as a credit report from the origin country, income proof, and the down payment.