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and reduce your monthly payments by up to 50%

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Recommended by 96%
of clients

Regulated by the Financial
Services Commission of Ontario

Highest-rated second mortgage provider in Ontario (9.5 out of 10)

Get approval in 4 minutes, get money in as little as 5 – 8 business days

Why Refinance Your Mortgage?

  • Reduce your monthly payments and save on interest rates
  • Change the terms of your current loan
  • Use funds to pay for your education or for home renovation
  • Consolidate your debt

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Why use 360Lending?

  • Simple, honest, effective – that’s how clients describe 360Lending
  • Enjoy the lowest fixed rates in Ontario
  • 360Lending is a fully regulated entity (license issued by Financial Services Commission of Ontario)
  • Best-rated mortgage refinance provider in Ontario
  • Flexible payment option
  • Cut your monthly interest payments by up to 50%

360Lending Success Stories

For Home Improvements

Tim and Belinda are semi-retired and have lived in their home for more than 15 years. They were looking sell and move to a new house next summer to take advantage of the booming real estate market. However, after 15 years, their home needed some repairs and they wanted to save their cash.

We got our clients a short-term home renovation loan so they could put work into their floors and kitchen, which increased the value of their home. Our clients were also happy to get some extra cash to help with the closing costs when they buy their new house.

For Mortgage or Tax Arrears

Aidan owns a construction business and re-invests most of his earnings back into growing it. Between work, family, and friends, he slowly let his finances fall apart due to his busy life. Aidan’s credit was damaged and owed 3 to 4 years of property taxes and income taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Luckily for our client, even with his self-employment and bruised credit, we were able to work with our lenders to get the funds he needed within 1.5 weeks to pay off his property and income tax arrears. We also paid off our client’s credit cards and enrolled him into our credit repair program.

For Debt Consolidation

Kaitlyn works full-time as a police officer, but she was out of work for almost a year because of an injury outside of work. During which, she depleted her savings, maxed out her credit cards, and became delinquent on some of her accounts. Her credit score plummeted and was constantly harrassed by collection agencies.

Our client came to us for help. We were able to pay off all her outstanding unsecured debts and consolidate them into 1 low monthly payment. We got our client 2 new secured credit cards, and were able to repair her credit within 12 months.

What do clients say about 360Lending?

Meet the team

360Lending is one of the largest full-service brokers in Ontario. Its team comprises highly qualified mortgage underwriters with 40+ years of experience of closing difficult mortgages.

360Lending is connected to the exclusive private lender network to offer you the best rates and terms.

360Lending has a number of specialists in the Greater Toronto Area

FSCO lic #13092