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Payday Loans in Montreal

The province of Quebec has almost successfully made it impossible for payday lenders to operate. In other provinces in Canada, the least borrowers pay for every $100 borrowed is $15. In Montreal and anywhere else in Quebec, the cost of borrowing is a 35 percent annual interest rate (AIR). This means that if you take a loan of $1000 for two months, you will only pay $43.96 as the cost of borrowing. The low-interest rate is what makes payday loans in Montreal so impressive.

When you are in a tight financial spot due to unforeseen circumstances, you might consider online payday loans in Montreal. However, these loans are not easy to get. The government of Quebec, though the Consumer Protection Act, has effectively banned quick funds lenders from the province. With the interest rate capped at 35 percent AIR, money lenders find it unprofitable to offer safe instant loans.

This article explores the payday lending industry in Montreal.

Do You Qualify for Payday Loans in Montreal?

Like in other provinces, payday loans in Montreal, Quebec, do not have minimum credit score requirements. The eligibility criteria for these loans require that:

  • You are at least 19 years
  • Be a resident of Quebec for the last three months
  • Show proof of income for the past three months
  • Have a stable job
  • Have an active bank chequing account
  • Not be in bankruptcy or have any garnishes against your income account

With the low-interest rate for online payday loans in Montreal, lenders are relatively strict when approving online applications. However, with a reliable source of income, you are almost guaranteed payday loans in Canada.

Where to Find Payday Instant Loans in Montreal

It is more challenging to find payday lenders in Montreal. While Montreal, Quebec City, and other areas in Quebec have the best payday loans in Canada, the number of lenders is in the province is limited. However, you can still find a lender by searching for “payday loans in Montreal, Quebec” online. A suitable payday lender needs to have a payday license and offer decent terms on the loan agreement.

Check the Lender License before Applying for the Best Payday Loans in Canada

The Consumer Protection Quebec protects you when you take instant loans in Montreal. If you need to confirm the payday license number of a lender, contact Consumer Protection Quebec at 1 888 672-2556 and request for validation of a payday license. If a lender is unlicensed or operates under an outdated license, legal action is taken against them.

Under payday loan regulations, lenders are supposed to only offer you one loan at a time. For you to get a new loan, you need to pay the outstanding loan in full. If they go against these rules, they might face a huge tax penalty or lose their license.

Apply for Instant Loans in Montreal on Loans Geeks

From the few lenders online in Montreal, you need to pick one that is licensed and one that offers decent loan terms. Due to the strict rules and regulations in Montreal and the entire Quebec province, most lenders have a license. This does not mean that you are free from scams online. You will find lenders with high APR for payday loans and some predatory lenders.

If you apply for online payday loans in Quebec through Loans Geeks, you are safe from predatory lenders, and you get the right lender for the types of online loans you need. You will find different loan options, including car loans and payday loans on disability income. Unlike traditional lenders, fast loan lenders on Loans Geeks have great options such as payday loans with no credit check in Canada.

Online Payday Loans in Quebec: Application Process

The application for online payday loans in Montreal is straightforward. All that lenders need is proof that you can pay the loan amount plus interest after the end of the payday loan cycle. Granted, the lender might consider your debt-to-income ratio, especially if your income is garnished every month.

You will need to submit the following documents:

  • Proof that you have been a resident of Quebec for at least a few months
  • A bank statement for the last three months
  • A form of identification showing you are at least 19 years
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Employment details such as income, the position at work, and employer
  • Provide a valid checking account

The requirements of different lenders might vary. However, the lender will still not consider your credit score when approving your loan application.

Late Fees with Payday Loans in Montreal, Quebec

You are only allowed to borrow up to $1,500 or 50 percent of your income, whichever is less. After the loan funding process, you need to start making payments. You can make an advance payment through a direct deposit, or you can wait until your next payday. Either way, you need to avoid delinquent accounts or your loan going into collection.

Unlike in other provinces, late fees for the best payday loans in Canada do not affect your finances as significantly. The interest rate is low, and so is the interest rate applied when you default on a loan. The lender will apply a default fee and continue accruing interest until you pay the loan. The downside with this is that it shows on your credit report and might diminish your chances of getting a loan with banks and other prime lenders.

If you are using a post-dated checks or pre-authorized debit to pay the loan, the bank might charge you an insufficient funds fee.

In some instances, the lender might sell your loan to a collection agency. The agency will sue you, and if they are successful at it, they might seize your property. During the loan collection period, the lender is not allowed by law to contact you so many times that you feel harassed. They are also not allowed to talk to anyone else about the loan expect you the loan except a collection agency, your lawyer, or someone you appoint.


Even though payday loans in Montreal have a relatively low interest rate, you need to pay the loans on time. It is a bad financial practice to default on payday loans because the debt might inflate out of control. You can take part-time jobs to increase cash flow or borrow from your savings or RRSP account to pay the loan in full. When these, or any other personal loans, are paid on time, you build your credit history, making it easier to sort out your financial issues in the future when you need a financial quick-fix on short notice. Online lenders offer safe, quick approvals for your short term loan needs, but they can also drag you into a debt cycle.

5 Fun Things to Do in Montreal

  1. Hike Mont-Royal for a view of the whole city
  2. Ride the Ferris Wheel and enjoy magnificent views of the city
  3. Visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  4. Explore the Old Port of Montreal
  5. Visit the famous Cathedral, Basilique Notre-Dame De Montréal

Map of Montreal

Montreal Travel Ideas (Video)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do payday loans work in Montreal?

Payday loans in Montreal, Quebec, are short-term loans that meet your financial needs before the next payday.

How to get out of payday loans in Montreal?

Although payday loans in Montreal are not as expensive as in other cities in other provinces, you can still budget your income accordingly to get off the debts.

Who does payday loans in Montreal?

Instant loans in Montreal are available as online loans or from payday loan storefronts in different areas of Montreal.

How to consolidate payday loans in Montreal?

You can search for a lender on Loans Geeks who are willing to consolidate your instant loans into one loan. The consolidated fast cash advance loan comes at a lower interest rate.

Who uses payday loans in Montreal?

If you have a bad credit history or you are in need of quick cash, payday emergency loans will be ideal for you. Online applications only take five minutes, and the funding process is also fast.

Which payday loans are easy to get in Montreal?

If you need cash from money lenders, go to a nearby payday loan store and apply for a loan. If you need a loan with no bank account, look for a lender that offers that online – there are lenders to meet your unique situation.

Who does payday loans without a bank account in Montreal?

Search for payday loans with no bank statement in Canada on Loans Geeks – you will see a list of lenders that will match your no-bank-account situation.

How many payday loans can you get at one time in Montreal?

Lenders are not allowed to roll over quick loans online. Again, a lender cannot approve your instant cash loan before you pay your outstanding easy cash advances.

How do payday loans check your credit in Montreal?

Before a lender approves you for online payday loans in Quebec, they will perform a credit check using online software that automatically communicates with CRBs. However, the lender offers an instant decision, not on the basis of your credit score.

How do payday loans affect credit in Montreal?

If you make an advance payment, you will have a chance to grow your credit score. However, default on online payday loans in Montreal, and it shows on your credit report.

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