Getting a Payday Loan in Canada With No Bank Statement

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Having a bank account can speed up the process of getting loans like instant payday loans in Canada. Many people are unaware that you can get a loan even without a bank account or that no bank statement loans are also available.

The options available to you would be limited so you should consider opening a bank account soon. If you can’t open a bank account for any reason, make sure you explore all loan options mentioned below and pick one.

Can You Get a Loan Without a Bank Statement in Canada?

Yes. You can get instant payday loans Canada without a bank statement, but it would cost you. You need to pay a higher interest rate than you would have paid if you had a bank statement. While looking for such loans, make sure you explore different lenders.

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The total number of lenders willing to help you would increase on the basis of your credit score (here’s how to improve your credit score). If your credit score is good or excellent, you will have wider choices of lenders when seeking a loan without bank statement.

List of Reliable Loan Providers in Canada

There are a lot of reliable loan providers in Canada, some of them are listed here.

In case you need to know about more lenders who can offer instant payday loans Canada or payday loans no bank account, visit and share some basic information. You will get details of suitable lenders within a few seconds.

It will save you from the hassle of visiting the website of scores of lenders to pick one. The website is super quick and reliable for all sorts of loans, even payday loans in Canada with no bank statements required.

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  • Auto Title Loans

These loans are available to people who fail to meet personal loan requirements. In these loans, you get the loan against the value of your vehicle. Most lenders allow you to get loans of up to 50 percent of your vehicles value. The bank account is usually not required if you apply in person.

When opting for this loan, you put your vehicle’s title up for collateral, not the vehicle. It allows you to drive your car while you repay the loan. The only risk with this loan is that you may lose the car if you can’t pay back the loan.

The interest rates with these no bank statement loans are usually lower than interests charged for instant payday loans in Canada. These loans can be approved in less than a day.

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  • Debit Card Loans

This might not be a good option for people seeking quick cash loans when they have no bank account. In this option, a lender would load the funds into a prepaid debit card that is in your name.

You are free to pick up the debit card at a store or get it via mail. To qualify for this loan, you need a proof of bank account. The only convenience with these loans is that the money won’t be transferred to a bank account if you don’t want that.

Debit card loans are preferred by the borrowers because a borrower can earn rewards by using the card. Most providers of instant payday loans in Canada provide debit card loans too. You can check for yourself. The APR can be 50 percent or more. The approval process can be less than 24 hours in many cases.

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  • Pawn Loans

When seeking no bank statement loans, this is a good option. In this type of loan, you don’t need to sell and then buy back your personal items. You just borrow a percentage of the resale value of a precious item. Then, when you have money, you can repay the loan, and the item is returned to you. The interest rates on this kind of loan without bank statement is usually quite high. But in most cases, you will have a few months’ time to pay back the loan.

Some of the precious items you can use for pawn loans are gold, electronics or jewelry. The APR is usually less than APR of instant payday loans in Canada. To get these kinds of loans without a bank account, you need to take the precious item to the pawn shop for appraisal.

Then, you should fill a form to get cash and a ticket. Use this ticket when repaying the loan to get your item back. The process of getting this loan can be easily completed in less than a day. The loan amount can be up to 60 percent of the value of the item.

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  • Bitcoin Loans

The world is slowly starting to recognize the value of bitcoins. If you are the same, then you should know about bitcoins loans that also fall under the category of loans with no bank account. There are many lending platforms where investors will fund your loan and collect repayments.

As bitcoin is not a stable currency, this loan option is not suitable for people who are not experts in cryptocurrency. It’s impossible to predict the worth of your coin in Canada. You also have no idea about when your loan is due. A lot depends on luck and chance.

The Canadian government treats bitcoin as a type of investment like bonds or stocks. Cryptocurrencies are not legal tender in Canada. If you use a platform like BTCPOP, the bitcoin loans without bank account might be approved within less than a day. It may also take a lot of time because you often have to wait for investors.

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  • Payday Loans

If you don’t have a bank account, consider opting for payday loans Canada no bank statements required. These loans don’t require any collateral and are awesome for people who have bad credit. The loans are often offered in cash or via money transfer. You can get $1000 payday loans with no bank account depending on your repaying capacity and income.

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The APR is $17 for every $100 you borrow when you go for payday loans without bank account. You can get these loans online or offline and get an approval within an hour at times. Read about the repayment before taking a payday loan without bank statement.[/vc_column_text]

Final Words

When you want loans without bank account, you have a few options. Instant payday loans in Canada or payday loans Canada no bank statements required, pawn loans and auto loans are awesome options.

You can also consider debit card or bitcoin loans if you are willing to take a higher risk. No matter which option you choose, always look for a reliable lender and a lower APV. The APV for payday loans no bank account can be quite steep so make sure you are not fooled by being vigilant.

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