Short Term Secured Loans Explained – Which One is Right for Your Needs?

The financial services sector allows retail customers to avail different kinds of loans. Short term secured loans are one category among many options that are easily accessible. These loans, as the name suggests are offered for a short duration.

It means that the person who is taking short term loans need to pay them in a few months or a year in most cases. The short term loans help a person to get money quickly to fulfill an instant need for money.

For instance, if you are buying a new house and your old house is not selling quickly, you might need some money to complete the transaction, you can try a short term loan. When you get money by selling the old house, you can repay the loan.

Short Term Bad Credit Loans: What Do You Need to Know?

Small loans for bad credit are easily available these days. When seeking one, you should remember the following:

  • The maturation period of small loans for bad credit varies a lot. It can be just 90 days in some cases.
  • The maturation period is usually shorter than that of regular loans.
  • In many cases, these loans are offered on a condition that they need to be repaid when some criteria are met. For instance, if you take a loan to cover your expenses until next payday, the loan must be paid on the day you get your salary.
  • The interest rate of small loans for bad credit is higher than small loans for people with good credit.
  • The interest rate is also higher than the interest rate charged for regular loans.

Short Term Loans Bad Credit Providers: Which One to Choose?

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This is a trusted lender for people who want cash loans. The company has been helping people since 2002 and boasts of a high approval rate. It also has same day funding option and an excellent customer service team.

It allows you to get cash loans via online application and negates the need for faxing. Trusting this lender should be easy when you are trying cash loans for the first time.

This website is popular because it provides many short term loans, even payday loans. The website is fully transparent about its interest rates and other charges.

It means that you won’t have to pay more than what you see even no matter whether you need payday loans or any other short term loan. The customer service offered by this lender is reportedly great.

If you want fast loans, Money Mart is the place to be. To get fast loans, just mention where you live and how much money you need. The store locator will tell you from where you can get a loan.

You also have the option of applying online in some states. If your application is approved, you get fast loans within a few hours or even one hour.

When seeking a fully licensed provider of money loans, trust this lender. The lender is also famous because it offers highly competitive rates. This means that you won’t have to pay a super high fee for processing or loans or super high interest rates.

The lender also provides multiple repayment options to the clients. The signup form on the website is a short one, and there is no need to fax anything when you apply for money loans!

This is another lender you can trust when you want an instant loan. You just need to share the amount, choose a repayment plan and share a few personal details.

As the decision-making process is automated, the result would be quick. You will know in a few minutes whether you qualify for an instant loan or not. When the instant loan gets approved, you just need to sign a contract electronically to get things going!

If you want to save time and want to know which lender is the best then visit It is a website that lists different lenders providing several loans like payday loans bad credit. Getting a list of lenders that can provide you a loan like payday loans bad credit only takes a few minutes.

Just fill in some basic information about yourself and the type of loan you need such as the payday loans bad credit and submit the information. The website will display suitable lenders and allow you to pick the best one in minutes!

When to Consider a Short Term Secured Loan?

Most people are aware that the interest rates of bad credit loans are quite high. Still, these loans are recommended for you if:

  • Your credit score is less than 650.
  • You already have a considerable amount of debt or your debt to income ratio is high like many other Canadians.
  • You own a valuable asset like a car or a house that you are willing to offer as a collateral.
  • You have a business where you are the sole proprietor.

You can’t wait for long to get the loan approved because you need the money instantly. For example, you are getting a new house at lower than market rates for a limited time only.

Bridging Loans

There are two types of small loans, bridging loans and standard short term secured loans. Both are explained below.

Bridging loans are loans that close the gap between a person’s funding requirements and his or her income. For instance, if you want to buy some jewelry and you are expecting your friend to return the money you gave him/her earlier, you can use a bridging loan.

It will allow you to buy jewelry instantly with the loan amount and pay the loan back when your friend gives you money.

These small loans may require you to pay them back on a pending balloon date. You also have to pay monthly payments that just consist of the interest. These loans have an early repayment penalty.

So, you should be very accurate about the repayment date. Also, you must weigh the costs associated with early repayment with the total amount of interest paid.

Standard Short Term Secured Loans

These loans often have a long repayment period that may last up to 20 years. These loans allow you to borrow a large amount of money against an asset. For instance, you can get a secured car loan if you have a valuable car in your name.

When you opt for a secured car loan, you can get competitive interest rates and highly favorable terms. If you take a secured car loan, you need to pay a monthly payment that includes a principal and interest. There are no balloon dates for any standard short term secured loan in most cases.

Deciding Which Type of Loan is Right for You?

The process of deciding which type of loan is right for you depends on many factors. Some of them are listed right here.

  • You should choose short term online loans on the basis of how much time do you need for repayment.
  • Remember that the collateral you are offering will play a key role in what type of short term online loans you become eligible for.
  • The reason for which you are taking the loan also matters. The reasons vary from buying a new house to paying for a medical emergency.
  • You also need to consider whether you have the financial wherewithal to make payments later on. Do not take a loan that you can’t repay easily.
  • The short term online loans should never harm your financial position or compel you to lower your standard of living.
  • It’s wise to know about all potential risks to reduce the chances of regretting taking the loan later on.

Why Do You Need a Collateral for a Secure Loan?

There are many reasons you need collateral for secure and easy loans. Some of them are:

  • It reduces the risk of a lender as the lender can sell off your assets if you don’t pay the loan in time.
  • The lender is also able to trust you and be sure that you will pay back the easy loan.

You, as a borrower who is seeking easy loans also get more power with a collateral as most lenders would be willing to help you.

What Type of Collateral Can You Use for Secured Loans?

Different types of collateral can be used for short loans. The collateral usually depend on which type of loan you are seeking, personal, business or auto title. The common collateral people use for personal loans are real estate, vehicles, home equity, cast, paper investments, investment accounts, etc.

People can also use valuables like jewelry, collectibles, and fine art. The collateral used for short loans should be valuable and resalable. Remember, a lender might sell the collateral if a person fails to pay short loans in time. Read more about Collateral Loans here.

Determining the Value of Your Possessions

Lenders usually offer less money for collateral when you are seeking secured loans. In many cases, the value is 50 to 90 percent of the collateral. If your collateral is an investment account, you might get just 50 percent of the value because the value of investments is volatile.

In contrast, when you seek secured loans against your house, you may get 80 percent of the amount of your house. You should get your valuables valued by multiple lenders to see which lender is giving them more value.

Pros and Cons of Using Short Term Secured Loans


There are many advantages of a short term secured loan. Some of them are listed right here.

  • You can get these types of loans even with bad credit if you provide collateral. It is excellent for people who had a bad reputation before and hence, can’t get a loan from any bank.
  • The chances of approval of short term secured loan are high if you have worthy collateral to offer. Make sure that you determine the value of your collateral to avoid disappointment later on.
  • People who have an excellent credit score can get lower interest rates while seeking a short term secured loan. Yes, many lenders can negotiate a lot and agree to your terms if your credit history is good.
  • You can also choose longer repayments easily. Longer repayments allow you to maintain your standard of living and pay only a small part of your income to the lender.


There are a few disadvantages of short term loans bad credit. You can have a look at them below.

  • If you fail to pay the loan on time, you might lose the collateral you provided forever. You can avoid such a situation by planning properly and paying the loan on time.
  • People often take more money than they need and find it difficult to pay it back later. This disadvantage of short term loans bad credit can be negated by seeking a loan amount that meets your requirement, not a penny extra.
  • Many people are tempted by longer repayment options while seeking short term loans bad credit. This might not be a smart idea as you might pay more interest over the life of your loan. Negate this point by opting for shorter repayment schedules whenever possible.

Final Words

On the whole, it can be said that short term secured loans are a smart option if you need money quickly and can repay on time. They might have a higher interest rate, but they are worth it because they are quick.

Short term secured loan providers also allow people with bad credit to apply for a loan. If you want your short term secured loans experience to be good, then make sure you take out a loan you can afford and pay it back on time.

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