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Small Business Loans in Canada

Qualifying for a small business loan in Canada is not particularly easy. Most traditional financial institutions stick to very conservative standards, and will offer a loan only to good-standing businesses with stellar records.

Loans Geeks offer an online access to a great number of non-traditional, online loan lenders in Canada, allowing exclusion of the human bias and letting your business numbers speak for themselves.

Even if you are at disadvantage of just having started your small business, needing funds for your startup or a short-term loan to overcome an obstacle or take advantage of an opportunity, with Loans Geeks we can match you with a loan lender in Canada that meets your needs.

Our mission is to provide Canadian small businesses, like yours, with an easier access to funds and to a streamlined, convenient and safe online loan process.

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Find the best loan for you,
in just a few minutes
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Check Your Rate

There is a certain number of requirements that your small business needs to meet in order to qualify for a loan via Loans Geeks.

  • Your small business needs to operate in Canada
  • Your small business needs to operate for at least 12 months
  • Your annual revenue needs to be at least $100,000

In most cases you will not need to provide a business plan. Most loan lenders available via Loans Geeks offer loans against the bank statements. However, if you are requesting a larger sum of money, you might need to provide a business plan as well.

The evaluation process takes 2-3 business days. If your loan application has been approved, it usually takes 1-2 additional business days to receive the funds to your bank account.

Typically, loan lenders offer repayment terms that range from a few months to a few years.

When you apply for a small business loan via Loans Geeks, and if your small business qualifies, you will get up to five offers with the most competitive rates available.

Methods of repayment depend on the lender and if they are not openly stated, ask about it before closing the deal. Usual repayment methods are from the company’s bank account or by credit card. Also make sure that you can prepay the loan at any time.

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