How Does Debt Settlement Work? Everything To Know

debt settlement

By: Katie DiMauro0 comments

No one ever said dealing with money was easy, and it can be especially overwhelming to deal with money mistakes. Do you find yourself wondering how you will ever...

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How To Rent A House With Bad Credit: 9 Things to Consider

rent with bad credit

By: Lisa Teixeira0 comments

If you’re looking for a house to rent, you know the process is both exciting and overwhelming. It’s exciting to comb through multiple real estate listings visualizing all the...

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3 Types of Unexpected Expenses and How to Plan for Them

Unexpected Expenses FI

By: Loans Geeks Editor0 comments

In life, nothing goes the way we want it to.  We can sit down and make a budget for every kind of expense that comes our way in life,...

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