Can I Get A Payday Loan On Disability In Canada?

People with disabilities go through hell trying to secure loans in Canada. It only gets worse if you consider the fact that most of them find it very difficult to get and hold down jobs. Traditional lenders for example banks and other financial institutions barely cater to this minority. However, this article will tell you everything you need to know about disability payday loans and other funding alternatives you might be interested in.

Lenders find it difficult to loan out money to disabled people because most of them lack stable income. On the other hand, employers shy away from hiring disabled people because they view them as a liability to the business. Disabled people need special features in office buildings- Expenses than most companies aren’t willing to incur. This needs fixing.

Even though some are employed, life is still difficult for them. They’re likely to suffer from pay cuts since the majority of them aren’t available full-time. Expenses can also drive them crazy as they also struggle to settle their medical bills. Therefore, it’s during such tough financial situations that payday loans can save a person’s life.

Can I Get A Payday Loan On Disability in Canada?

Yes, you can. There are payday loans for disability income you can apply for and secure. You need to first understand how payday loans work if you’re to stand a chance at securing one. (They’re not many lenders who are open to this. It’s up to you to learn how to smartly look for and apply for payday loans).

Payday loans are short-term loans given to people who have stable incomes. You’re supposed to repay your loan with your next paycheck- This is why payday lenders often prefer employed persons. Payday loans allow you to borrow up to $1500. The good thing about payday loans is the fact that most lenders don’t pay much attention to the loanee’s credit score.

Employed disabled people should be able to secure a loan if they’re able to prove their income and show the ability to manage their expenses.

You might have been working in the past but you’re currently disabled to the extent that it hinders you from doing any work for pay. If this is the case, you will qualify for the Canada Pension Plan for disabled people and as a result, be able to get a payday loan. Disability, in this case, refers to any severe and prolonged problem that affects your physical or mental health.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is a government-sponsored pension plan that provides benefits to those with disabilities. To get CPP benefits you must have contributed to the CPP in four of the last six years, or three of the last six years if you’ve been contributing for at least 25 years.

CPP benefits will help you in securing payday loans since you receive them every month. Payday lenders treat them like employee paychecks.

Visit to learn more about CPP disability benefits.

Where To Find Payday Loans For CPP Disability

Just like standard loans, CPP disability payday loans give money to the disabled loanees who promise to pay back the amount with their next CPP cheque- It’s not any different. Another thing you need to note is the fact that these payday loans are unsecured (no security attached to it).

So where can I get a payday loan on disability?

By now you must be aware of the fact that it’s difficult for lenders to grant payday loans without regular “guaranteed” income. This should already tell you that your opinions are limited.

You need to first take note of payday lenders who give loans to people with multiple sources of income. Multiple sources of income, because people with disabilities receiving CPP disability benefits can also apply for other government or private aid programs.

As you can already tell, you’ll have to spend a lot of time and even finances to able to locate payday lenders who cater to people with disabilities. This is where Loans Geeks come in. Loans Geeks promises to do the searching for you. They’re already linked to several payday loan lenders and can get your application approved in a matter of hours. Securing disability payday loans has never been easier.

You’ll also be glad to know that some of the payday lenders associated with Loans Geeks aren’t influenced by a client’s bad credit. Some will even allow you to repay your payday loan in 2-3 installations to avoid stretching your monthly budget. There are indeed other lenders out there who offer “no credit check” payday loans for disabled CPP pensioners. However, you need to be careful because most of them aren’t licensed and as a result, you won’t be protected as a consumer.

Below are some of the minimum requirements for a payday loan for disabled persons in Canada:

  • Canadian citizenship.
  • Monthly income from your Canadian Pension Plan.
  • You need to be receiving your CPP payout as a direct deposit into your bank account.
  • Have a Canadian bank account for at least 3 months with online banking services.
  • Have a mobile phone number, email, and home address.

Did we also mention that it’s possible to apply for and secure a payday loan online with little to no documentation required? It’s even possible to get same day payday loans at an instant.

Common Reasons To Get Payday Loans On Disability

We must acknowledge the fact that people with disabilities incur more expenses than your average person. Expenses come in all shapes and sizes from medical bills to money spend on day-to-day living. Even with money coming in from various programs, disabled people can still find themselves in financial difficulties that push them to apply for loans.

You need to be careful with payday loans. This is because they have no use restrictions and can easily be mismanaged. Always remember that a payday loan has an element of risk- If you’re not able to repay it on time.

Make sure you’re well able and have a plan as to how you’ll repay the payday loan on time (Late fees can be crazy).

Medical emergencies

Disability payday loans prove their usefulness at desperate times. Your equipment might fail or require servicing. Unknown to many, repairs on special medical equipment can be crazy expensive. Sure, some have got insurance, but at times, that alone isn’t enough.

Housing modifications

A disability can abruptly change how you live your life. Some changes have to be made to your house to allow for easy movement. From the stairs to bathrooms, and readjusting of countertop heights. In some cases, you might be required to rebuild entire rooms. These renovations usually cost chunks of money that most insurers aren’t able to cover them all.

Special equipment

Special medical equipment like wheelchairs can be surprisingly costly. It’s even more stressful if you consider just how crucial some of this equipment is to a person’s day-to-day life. It’s usually not a matter of choice, you just have to buy them. Payday loans can chip in and make the burden bearable.

Extra services

You might find yourself incurring small expenses that come back to bite you before your next payout. A good example is the extra money paid when taking a cab (if you move around in a wheelchair). The driver has to take more time helping you in and out of the car and at times, he/she might have left the meter running.

There are also other travel costs when moving from city to city for business. Some employer companies pay for the costs and others expect you to foot the bill.

Other people might also need special people to take care of and look after them. All these expenses roll into a huge financial snowball that overwhelms your budget.

Will You Pay Extra Fees For Payday Loans For Disability Income

No. Payday loans for disability income are just the same as your standard payday loans. Of course, there is the interest that you’ll pay on top of the borrowed amount. You should also expect to pay more money if you fail to repay the loan on time. The best way to avoid extra fees is to always ensure you clear the loan on or before the due date.


All payday loans work on the same principle. Payday loans for CPP disability aren’t any different. The only challenge is finding the right lender and making sure you repay the loan on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an advance on my disability check?

Yes, and payday loans are an option you should consider. They’re loans you’ll repay with your next disability check payout.

How can I get a loan on a disability?

The first step is getting a suitable lender. Loans Geeks can connect you to a wide pool of lenders without you having to rise a muscle.

Can I get cash aid while on disability?

Yes, you can still apply for other government and private-sponsored programs and hopefully increase your income.

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