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Interest Rate Lenders Terms Prepayment options Monthly payment
Lump Sum Regular
2.69% Lender 1 5-year fixed 20% 20% $1,599 Check Your Rate
3.04% Lender 2 3-year fixed 20% 20% $1,661 Check Your Rate
2.30% Lender 3 5-year fixed 20% 20% $1,531 Check Your Rate
2.95% Lender 4 3-year fixed 15% 15% $1,645 Check Your Rate
3.49% Lender 5 10-year fixed 10% 10% $1,743 Check Your Rate
Interest Rate 2.69%
Lenders Lender 1
Terms 5-year fixed
Prepayment options (Lump Sum) 20%
Prepayment options (Regular) 20%
Monthly payment $1,599
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Interest Rate 3.04%
Lenders Lender 2
Terms 3-year fixed
Prepayment options (Lump Sum) 20%
Prepayment options (Regular) 20%
Monthly payment $1,661
View more
Interest Rate 2.30%
Lenders Lender 3
Terms 5-year fixed
Prepayment options (Lump Sum) 20%
Prepayment options (Regular) 20%
Monthly payment $1,531
View more
Interest Rate 2.95%
Lenders Lender 4
Terms 3-year fixed
Prepayment options (Lump Sum) 15%
Prepayment options (Regular) 15%
Monthly payment $1,645
View more
Interest Rate 3.49%
Lenders Lender 5
Terms 10-year fixed
Prepayment options (Lump Sum) 10%
Prepayment options (Regular) 10%
Monthly payment $1,743
View more
The information in the table above is just a factious representation of the choices you may have available once you fill out the form a the top on the page. The actual rates may differ. The Monthly Payments represented above are calculated assuming a property value of $400,000 and a downpayment of 15%.
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Mortgage Brokers in Manitoba

Best Mortgage Interest Rates in Manitoba

Finally ready to buy that dream home you’ve always wanted and need the best mortgage rates in Manitoba? Loans is the best place to get the lowest mortgage rates possible in Manitoba! Loans Geeks is quick, easy and doesn’t cost you a dime; we just get you the best possible rate in the fastest possible time! We often get asked how to get a mortgage in Manitoba, and we hope this guide will help!

Lower rates = Greater savings

We checked the numbers on the thousands of inquiries on mortgage rates in Manitoba that we receive every year, and on average lenders who use Loans save 2.5% from the typical bank rates in Manitoba. 2.5% may not sound like a lot, but if your loan is for $400,000 that would save you over $100,000! Our goal at Loans Geeks is to find you the best mortgages in Manitoba and save you as much money as possible!

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Mortgage Calculator for Manitoba

Perhaps the most important step you can take in this process is to budget, budget, budget! And, that is best done with a mortgage calculator for Manitoba. When jumping into a huge endeavour like buying a house, a lot of people only consider the cost of the mortgage alone, but there’s so much more to it than that!

Down payments, insurance, land transfer taxes, lawyers, real estate agents, inspections, appraisals and more! You may not need to pay for all of these, but it’s better to know the possibilities and be prepared. You don’t want to jump into the pool, only to discover there isn’t any water!

Make sure when you choose one, the mortgage calculator is for Manitoba, to make sure it’s accounting for your provinces taxes, rules and regulations. Mortgage rates for Manitoba differ from the other provinces and you’d hate to have done all this planning, only to discover it’s for Prince Edward Island instead!

Have you considered how much to pay upfront? It may seem ideal at first to only make a down payment of 5 – 10%; that is until you factor in the mortgage insurance you’d have to pay on all mortgages with a down payment of less than 20%. If you make that 20% down payment instead, it’s more money to part with upfront, but could save you thousands of dollars in the long run!

In Manitoba you pay a percentage fee depending on the cost of the home you’re buying. Up to $30,000 there is no tax, from $30,000 to $90,000 you pay 0.5%, from $90,000 to $150,000 you pay 1%. From $150,000 to $200,000 you pay 1.5% and anything above $200,000 you pay 2%. This means that if your home costs $500,000, you’d find yourself paying an addition $7,720.

While that may not be as much as some other provinces/cities in Canada, it’s still an important figure to consider when buying your home in Manitoba.

Mortgages rates in Manitoba are at a pretty historical low for the last 70+ years, so now is a great time to buy, and a mortgage calculator will be a huge help! You need to consider every possible option, and that’s why a mortgage rate calculator designed for Manitoba is key for you!

Mortgage Brokers in Manitoba vs The Banks

A lot of people tend to jump to the bank they’re already signed up with to get their mortgage, which does have its benefits, but it’s not always the ideal or best way get the best mortgage rates in Manitoba. With the bank, especially if it’s your own, there’s familiarity and comfortability, easy access to your banking history and more perceived legitimacy, responsibility and accountability held by the banks.

But, those same things aren’t exclusive to banks, and often times it is beneficial to go with a mortgage broker in Manitoba instead, as they give you more options, ease your process and do all they can to bring you the absolute cheapest mortgage rate in Manitoba. They work for you, and that value is tough to beat.

If you don’t know, a mortgage broker is a middle man between you and the mortgage lenders in Manitoba, be it a bank or a private lender. They work on your behalf to score you the best mortgage rates in Manitoba. What’s great about a good mortgage broker is that they have connections that you don’t and as such they have access to deals that a lot of people cannot get on their own. Your mortgage broker will work with you, and find solutions for any potential problems that you just cannot solve.

A CMHC survey, which can be found at:, in 2006 shows that about 27% of Canadians use mortgage brokers, while a CIMBL survey that same year has the number at about 31%. Surveys that year also showed that only about 43% of mortgage seekers looked for several different offers. That’s a lot of people who just settled for the first offer they got, rather than taking the time to look for the best rate possible to save as much money as they can. That’s money that you can put back into your home, whether it’s renovations, decorating or even making a bigger down payment on the mortgage.

Financial Institutions Mortgage Rates

When looking for the best rate you can find, it’s important to compare all mortgage rates for Manitoba to see what the best option really is. While mortgage rates in Manitoba are low across the board, it’s still important to actively look for the best deal you can find.

Private Mortgage Lender in Manitoba

Everyone’s situation is different and for some people getting their mortgage through the bank is their best or preferred option. But, not everyone can or wants to use the bank. Whether it’s jacked up rates or the dreaded “No”, sometimes it is better or necessary to choose between private mortgage lenders in Manitoba.

So, what exactly is a private mortgage lender and what are the pros? A private mortgage lender is a company or person that may specialize in loans of all kinds, and offer competitive (often better) rates than the bank and accepts a wider variety of credit rates. Private lenders in Manitoba are especially great for people with bad credit seeking a mortgage in Manitoba. They have to apply for licences and follow certain guidelines provided by the province(s) they operate within, but are usually more forgiving of bad credit and those who cannot get loans with the bank. Depending on your credit score, they may have rates below or above the average mortgage rates in Manitoba.

However, it’s not all perfect to use private mortgage lenders in Manitoba, there are some downsides and cons that come with going through a private lender instead of bank. One typical con is that their terms are often shorter than banks, and as such tend to have higher monthly payments making them tougher to pay back. Another con is while private lenders can have better rates for those with good credit, for those who don’t (but are still able to get approved) the interest rates can often be much higher, as extra insurance or a cost for having poor credit. These high risk mortgage lenders in Manitoba make you balance if the risk of their higher mortgage rates compared to the average in Manitoba, shorter loan times and higher potential to default on the loan are worth taking the plunge now, versus waiting until you’re more stable financially and have a better credit score.

Not everyone is in the same situation, so it’s important to have a read on where your credit standing is, the funds you have available to you and your financial security going forward. Private lenders can be great, or disastrous, it all depends on your particular situation. Research and preparation is key.

Fixed vs. Variable Mortgage Interest Rates in Manitoba

Another important decision when it comes to deciding on your mortgage is whether to go with a fixed rate or a variable rate. The first key in making that decision is knowing what each kind of rate is and the pros and cons associated with each.

Firstly, a fixed rate is the most commonly used one with about 66% of all mortgage rates in Manitoba being fixed rates. This means that whatever the rate for your monthly payments is at the beginning, it’ll remain constant throughout. The benefit for that is once it’s been decided, it never changes. You know what to expect every month and if an unexpected dramatic increase in the prime rate occurs, you won’t get stuck having to pay a newly exorbitant rate each month. It offers security, but that security can come at a premium cost as well. Fixed rates never give you the best possible mortgage rate in Manitoba at the time you sign it and you often will pay more over the lifetime of the agreement. So, finding the best 5 year fixed mortgage rates in Manitoba are crucial to maximizing your savings if you choose this option. A fixed rate is by far the most widely used for a reason, it’s the simplest to understand and the safest to use.

Next up is the variable mortgage rate. This is rate that can fluctuate from month to month, as your monthly payment relies on the prime rate at that time, and not a single rate agreed to at the time. You agree to a rate described as “Prime +/-“which could be Prime – 0.25%. This means that the best variable mortgage rates you can find in Manitoba would ones that are even less than the Manitoba Prime rate. Variable rates give you the best chance to find the best possible mortgage rates in Manitoba at the time you sign it. For a variable rate, the pros come in when the prime interest rate stays low, or even drops. Your rate at the start would typically be lower than on a fixed rate, so if it stays consistent, you’d have a lower rate, and if it drops then you’d pay even less. With the prime rate being pretty consistent over the last 10 years or so, now it would seemingly be a good bet and could save you a lot in the long run. However, the biggest con is in the lack of security from a spike in the prime rate. If something major happens to increase the prime mortgage rates in Manitoba rapidly (such as another crash of the housing market) it could be disastrous as it would leave you on the hook to pay way more than you could have possibly budgeted for. About 29% of mortgages are on variable rates, with the remaining 5% being some combination of the two.

The decision essentially comes to a risk vs. reward proposition and each borrower needs to assess what their situation is and whether the risk of a variable rate is worth the reward of great savings, or if it’s better to play it safe and stick of a single fixed rate.

Historical 5 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

Historical Prime Mortgage Rates

Manitoba’s Mortgage Rates Forecast

Now certainly seems the best time to buy a house, as mortgage rates in Manitoba are at a historical low point and will only go up. Manitoba mortgage rates forecast to rise 2-8% over the next several years meaning that mortgage rates in Manitoba are only going up. With new, tougher, mortgage rules being implemented, rates are expected to rise as the market looks to slow. If an opportunity presents itself, while mortgage rates in Manitoba are still such a historical low, now would be the perfect time to invest in a house.

Manitoba’s Housing Market

Manitoba’s housing market has been generally cool over the last several years. With that comes the expectation that housing prices may continue to fall, rather than increase, especially as mortgages become more difficult to acquire. In Winnipeg particularly, overbuilding has been an issue as the demand hasn’t been there to match the creation of homes, but that’s great news for buyers as it means there are more homes available, but less competition out there!

With major cities like Toronto and Vancouver having an even greater housing crisis than normal, the government has been looking to find ways to cool off the markets for people looking to buy multiple homes in an effort to open up as much housing as possible. With that, new laws are being put in place in 2018 that are making it tougher to get a mortgage. This is having a direct result on mortgage rates, and is another reason experts believe house prices may begin to rise again.  So, if you’re looking for your one and only dream house in Manitoba, now may be the best time before mortgage rates in Manitoba begin to jump up big time.

With all this information, we know you’re ready to start hunting down the best mortgage rates in Manitoba, and we at Loans Geeks are here to make that as easy as possible!

Residential Sales Activity Winnipeg

Residential New Listings Winnipeg

Residential Average Price Winnipeg


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Check Your Rate

There are many lucrative mortgages offers in the Manitoba market for first time home buyers. When you apply for a mortgage loan through Loans Geeks, we will match you with some of the best mortgage offers available for your particular situation.

If you apply for a mortgage loan in Manitoba via Loans Geeks, typically it will take 2-3 business days to get the reply about the status of your application, although this time might slightly vary from one mortgage loan lender to another.

Some mortgages in Manitoba are ported, and the remaining term can be taken to the new property. But, you will be required to get your credit score, and affordability rechecked in case the new house is worth significantly more or less than the one you currently have a mortgage for.

Most mortgage lenders in Manitoba allow their borrowers to pay anywhere from 10% to 20% of the original principal amount in each calendar year without inviting penalty. Since different lenders have different ways of implementing the prepayment terms, it is best to read the fine prints even before you secure the mortgage.

If you have poor credit history, it might be difficult to get mortgage application approval. However, as Loans Geeks partners with hundreds of different financial institutions, submit an application and we will try to match you with a loan provider willing to give you a mortgage loan. Still, bear in mind that the terms and interest rates of the offered mortgage loan will depend on your credit score.

A Non-Resident in Canada can get a mortgage and is qualified for the maximum loan to value ratio which is about 65-75%. You will need to provide a few extra documents such as a credit report from the origin country, income proof, and the down payment.