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Private Mortgage Lenders in Canada

Opting for a private mortgage in Canada can be a great alternative to traditional institutional mortgages, regardless of the province that you are living in. Traditional institutions often pose very strict criteria for approving loan requests. On the other hand, using Loans Geeks will enable you to get the funds you need under more convenient terms and rates. We will considerably facilitate this process for you, matching you against top-rated private mortgage lenders available in your area, who offer the most competitive rates. They will work closely with you to make sure they will meet your specific financial needs.

Regardless of your current financial situation and what type of mortgage you want to acquire, Loans Geeks will connect you with private mortgage lenders willing to offer you good deals and competitive rates. If for whatever reason, traditional institutions don’t seem like the right solution, you might be surprised with the experience you will have with private mortgage lenders and settling with one of the private mortgage lenders in Canada can be the best financial decision you have ever made.

Private Mortgage in Canada – When to Choose It?

Private mortgage lenders in Canada can be a great alternative to traditional financial institutions, depending on the specific financial situation that you have and your lifestyle. However, generally speaking, you will almost always find private mortgage rates in Canada to be better and much more convenient than those offered by traditional institutions. When you use Loans Geeks to find the best private mortgage lenders and private mortgage loans offers, you will be matched against some of the most reputable private financial providers in Canada that will be able to guide you through every step of the way. A private mortgage is an excellent solution for those people who:

  • need more flexible payment terms
  • have negative income/debt ratio
  • have recently gone through bankruptcy, which makes it impossible to get a mortgage from more traditional institutions
  • had bad financial situations in the past that have negatively affected their credit score so they need private mortgage lenders for bad credit
  • want to purchase a house or a property, yet don’t have enough money for a down payment.
  • have income that is lower than average in Canada or a source of income that is not accepted as valid enough in traditional institutions.
  • want to secure a second mortgage loan so they could finance some larger investment
  • want to buy a property that is unique

With private mortgage lenders, you don’t need to fit into a perfect borrower scenario that is required if traditional financial institutions are to land you money. If any of the above-mentioned situations applies to you, you will be able to find a perfect private mortgage lender by using Loans Geeks, which will meet all your financial needs.

Private Mortgage Lenders in Canada – Advantages

Even if you are able to secure a loan from traditional institutions, opting for a private mortgage lender can be a smarter financial decision. In the past, private mortgages have been considered only as a last resort when all other options are unavailable. But now, with private mortgage lenders rates that are more than a competitive and personalized approach that you will receive, opting for a private mortgage broker makes more financial sense than ever.

As a general rule, there are several differences between traditional and private mortgage lenders and this difference may be exactly what you needed for your particular situation.

The application process with private mortgage lenders is much easier. When applying for a private mortgage via Loans Geeks, you will only need to fill an online application from the comfort of your home and get to choose among up to 5 best offers that meet your specific financial demands. Private mortgage lenders will not be scrutinizing every single detail of your financial past and will focus on how to best meet your expectations instead.

Services of private mortgage lenders are personalized as opposed to traditional institutions. You will have a private mortgage professional assigned to you who will lead you through the process, make all the necessary explanations and make sure to get familiar with your specific situation so they can offer you the best possible financial solution, tailored for you.

Another advantage that you will have from using Loans Geeks is – freedom of choice. You will get to choose among the best private mortgage lenders and the most competitive offers available in your region.

Private Mortgage Lenders – Fees

Before you decide on one particular private mortgage lender, make sure that you understand all the fees and costs involved. A mortgage often entails additional costs and fees, regardless of who you are borrowing from. Many lenders offer different combinations of interest rates/fees, so don’t finalize a deal until you are completely introduced and comfortable with what you will be paying.

Find the best loan for you, in just a few minutes
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Private mortgage brokers will act as an intermediaries between borrowers and lenders. They make the transaction between your mortgage lender and you.

If you apply for a private mortgage loan via Loans Geeks, we will use our extensive network of most reputable lenders and financial institutions to offer you the best mortgage products and best private mortgage rates.

Whenever you deal with a bank, you will only get one choice – the one they will offer. By using Loans Geeks, you will get access to many other private mortgage lenders who might be able to give you much better rates and offers that are best suited to meet your particular financial situation.

If you provide all the necessary documents in your online application, you might be able to get approved within 24 hours. The process can get delayed if there is a delay in providing requested documentation.

When you use Loans Geeks to apply for private mortgage offers online, you are submitting your information over secured connection that is completely protected. Your data is safe with us.